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What We Do

NanoQuantics... Sustainable Environmental Solutions

NanoQuantics, Inc., is an advanced materials company developing solutions to energy and environmental challenges on land and in the air and water. The company applies its proprietary and sustainable technologies to opportunities in agriculture, energy, and defense markets.

NanoQuantics' mission is to create and use advanced materials that will reduce the environmental and economic burden of energy production through the development of green, high yield, and sustainable advanced materials. Our synthetically produced, naturally occurring materials are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and eco-friendly.

SOIL SENTINEL® is our all-natural soil amendment (a material added to soil to improve its properties) that helps plants to better locate and accumulate the nutrients in soils to maximize plant growth and overall health. SOIL SENTINEL can help to correct soil structure by retaining and binding moisture in soils. This reduces the need for watering and helps plants survive drought. In agricultural test plots, the use of SOIL SENTINEL has shown yield increases in crops of at least two times the yield of untreated plots.

SoilSentinelSOIL SENTINEL can aid in fast and thorough seed germination, and it is an excellent addition to hydro-seeding projects, cover cropping applications, animal food-plot development, and pastureland revitalization. SOIL SENTINEL is a USDA certified biobased product and is cleared as a Federally Preferred product which is beneficial for federal agencies who are working to meet their “green” objectives. Read more>>

DUST SENTINEL™is our all- natural dust and erosion control product. It's aperfect solution for federal and state agencies who are trying to apply earth-friendly solutions in their operations to help meet federal mandates. Read more>>


Virginia Landscape and Nurseary AssociationVirginia Green Industry Council