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NanoQuantics Launches in Wise County

First company to establish in Appalachia America Energy Research Center

Wise County, VA (June 21, 2011) – NanoQuantics, a new advanced materials company focused on developing solutions to tomorrow’s energy and environmental challenges, has located its operations center at the Appalachia America Energy Research Center in the Lonesome Pine Regional Business and Technology Park in Wise, Virginia. The company plans to apply its proprietary and sustainable technology to rapid deployment opportunities in the energy, defense, agricultural, personal care, and mining markets.

"Our mission is to reduce the environmental and economic burden of energy production through the development of green, high yield, and sustainable advanced materials," said Tim Hopkins, NanoQuantics' Chief Technology Officer (CTO). "Our products will strengthen the ability of our Nation to compete and produce clean energy as well as other green-technology products and services that are cost effective and safe."

NanoQuantics' air, soil, and water-based remediation technologies will work towards the preservation of topsoil, the mitigation of storm water run-off, the accessibility and protection of clean drinking water, the reduction of dependency on foreign oil, the protection of the warfighter and the production of clean coal technologies.

NanoQuantics' CTO Tim Hopkins has more than 15 years of entrepreneurial and executive level management experience and 23 years of sales, marketing, operational, and technical transactions worldwide. His background in the creation of over 100 products and his industry experience, which includes new technology development for clean energy, renewable energy, and clean coal, has prepared him to lead this new venture.

"We are excited to establish ourselves in this state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Virginia's coal country," said Hopkins. "Here, we can develop our technologies and nurture relationships within the region."

Joining Hopkins on the development team is Senior Research Chemist Jeffrey Mecham, an accomplished project manager and personnel leader with a PhD in Polymer Chemistry. He is a past business manager with Polymer Solutions and a former Vice President of Research & Development at Nanosonic, both established technology companies in the Blacksburg, Virginia area.

The Appalachia America Energy Research Center (AAERC) is a 25,000 sq. ft, LEED-certified facility built by the Wise County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) with funding from the Virginia Tobacco Commission and the Virginia Coalfield Economic Development Authority (VCEDA), for advanced clean and renewable energy research. The VCEDA and the Wise County IDA also provided funding for a portion of the laboratory equipment NanoQuantics will place into service at the AAERC facility. NanoQuantics' corporate offices are located in Blacksburg, VA.

For more details, see NanoQuantics' Web site at www.nanoquantics.com or email solutions@nanoquantics.com for more information.

Media Contact:
Karin Clark, 540.443.3749
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