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violets untreated
violets treated

Two month evaluation of African Violets reveals excellent results. (top) Violets untreated. (bottom) Violets treated
with biopolymer under the same environmental conditions.

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Agriculture Applications

NanoQuantics is focused on helping farmers and growers achieve maximum yields and crop quality while employing sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly production practices. Our all-natural soil amendments reduce water, land, and energy. Our solutions are ecologically sound and protect water, soil, air, wildlife and other environmental resources.

NanoQuantics' SOIL SENTINEL® soil amendment product enhances soil naturally and offers the following advantages:

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  • improves moisture retention (less irrigation, conserves water and fuel);
  • improves nutrient uptake (increases root mass, makes healthy plants, increases crop yield);
  • improves soil stabilization (provides erosion control and maintains run-off);
  • decreases impacts on the environment (reduces the use of agricultural machinery,
    reduces greenhouse gas emissions, conserves water).

Some parts of the world suffers from drought annually. The lack of precipitation can slow the growth of crops that are essential to maintain adequate food supply. With SOIL SENTINEL, crops and vegetation can grow in water-stressed areas. This all-natural, cost-effective solution can increase crop production and decrease operating costs. Growers are able to produce more within the same area without cultivating additional land resulting in high returns. Below and to the right are examples of Soil Sentinel's successes.
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Garden Growth

The above chart shows yield from untreated vs treated crops under the same environmental conditions.
Total rainfall during growth period was 12.1 inches-- near drought conditions.
No pesticide or fertilizer was used.

Our biodegradable soil amendment is easy to use, easy to store, is non-toxic and non-flammable. SOIL SENTINEL is certified as a Biopreferred product by the USDA and is acceptable for use in organic production. The product is currently being reviewed by the Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI).
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A related product, DUST SENTINEL™ , helps to decrease the transport of water and air particulates,
and decreases dust-related health issues. Discover more about NanoQuantics' solutions and other market applications, such as:

    • Mining, Quarry & Construction Operations: dust control, soil stabilization, mine site reclamation / revegetation
    • Military: dust abatement, range sustainment and soil erosion control

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