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Defense Applications

The need to alter soil properties for dust mitigation, water conservation, erosion resistance, and soil strength exists at many military installations. The use of petroleum-based materials are no longer encouraged due to hazards they can cause and the goals on environmental, energy, and economic performance set forth in Executive Order 13514 which requires the Department of Defense (DoD) apply clean, sustainable technologies where possible. NanoQuantics offers a green technology solution for dust control that modifies soils utilizing a naturally occurring biopolymer. These biopolymers are also soil strengthening agents which increase slope stability and can contain heavy metals by lowering soil permeability and reducing erosion.

Often encompassing thousands of acres, military ranges have unique environmental challenges and are a large investment to maintain. Military ranges need to conduct live testing and training. However, the firing of live ammunition can leave toxic metals and munitions contamination in the soil. Metal-contaminated airborne dust, mixed with range ordnance, is also a health concern for the troops training there and for neighboring properties.

Dust can also pose a problem for equipment and vehicles, such as helicopters; the rotary blades in dust-heavy areas need to be replaced after less than half of their normal life span due to the erosion of the surfaces caused by airborne soil particles. Dust sources include unpaved roads, trails, and munitions impact areas at weapons ranges. Vehicle and aircraft maneuvers, artillery and missile firing, range maintenance, and construction activities can all generate airborne dust which can threaten respiratory health as well as visibility.

Currently, a variety of soil stabilizing chemicals and other materials are being used for dust abatement including petroleum-based products such as polyacrylamide and polyvinyl-acetate polymers, fresh and saltwater salts and brines. Though natural, salts and brines have corrosive properties and can cause severe vehicle maintenance issues. Additionally, salts can cause harm to trees and other vegetation. Petroleum-based polymer solutions increase our demand on foreign oil and pose potential health and environmental risks. NanoQuantics offers dust control and soil stabilizing products that work safely and effectively by changing the physical properties of the soil with an all-natural additive that is beneficial to the environment.

The NanoQuantics' solution safely modifies soil using an all-natural biopolymer to aid in: erosion control, the reduction of suspended solids, the decrease of heavy metal transport, and the strengthening of surface soil.
As a "green" technology, applying the biopolymer as a soil stabilizer/dust suppressant removes the use of hazardous substances on the environment. Other advantages of this environmentally friendly solution over petroleum-based polymers as a soil amendment include:

  • reduction of soil loss by better erosion control;
  • reduction of berm maintenance costs by enhancing berm stability;
  • reduced potential for transport of particulates, such as heavy metals, in water (suspended solids) and in air (fugitive dust);
  • ease of storage and use;
  • non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-hazardous;
  • renewable and sustainable; and
  • greatly reduced carbon footprint
    (there is no petroleum in the production or makeup of the biopolymer).

NanoQuantics' biopolymer-based stabilizing agents are an all-natural, cost-effective solution for dust abatement, range sustainment and soil erosion control. These sustainable products eliminate dependence on petroleum-based materials and leave no lasting impression on the environment.

NanoQuantics' biopolymer solutions are also under development for other markets:

  • Mining & Quarry Operations: dust control, soil stabilization, mine site reclamation / revegetation
  • Agriculture: crop yield enhancement, moisture retention / drought resistance, soil and furrow stabilization, erosion control, nutrient bioavailability enhancement, reduced irrigation
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