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To address some of the challenges within the coal mining industry, NanoQuantics has developed and is currently producing a naturally occurring biopolymer for fugitive dust abatement and suppression for the mining, construction, military, and recreational markets. NanoQuantics' solutions are produced from renewable, natural resources, are water based, and offer viable alternatives to synthetic polymers which expend petroleum and oil resources and can be harmful to the environment.


Fugitive Dust

Windblown dust, or fugitive dust, can impact the environment and cause health problems. When dust particulates from mining or construction sites become airborne, they can result in respiratory problems and cardiovascular conditions, accidents due to reduced visibility, and can result in increased wear and tear on equipment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) require that most forms of dust, including coal mine dust, be minimized both above and below ground. Regulations exist nationally and in many localities related to dust control. Companies can be charged and hefty fines can be applied if such regulations are not adhered to.

NanoQuantics has developed a novel, all-natural biopolymer, called DUST SENTINEL™, to be used for soil stabilization and erosion control. Dust control can become increasingly difficult in the summer and fall months when the weather is hot and dry. Mining sites have an especially difficult time in retaining dust due to their soils that do not readily retain moisture. When NanoQuantics' environmentally friendly product is applied to the surface at the mining or construction site, it binds the soil to resist wind action and limits particle movement.

DUST SENTINEL reduces the energy sources expended at the site by lessening the fuel used by the water trucks that are maintaining the site for dust. Wheel washing and equipment maintenance is also decreased. Water consumption will also be minimized thereby reducing the operating costs at the site. And, with the improvement of visibility, safety will be increased.

DUST SENTINEL can reduce the resources typically expended to fight dust challenges. By keeping the soil in place water trucks are not running as often.   The fuel consumption of those trucks is reduced as are the emissions previously produced by those trucks.  Wheel washing and equipment maintenance is also decreased. And, with the improvement of visibility, safety is increased. This dust containment solution can be applied on haul roads, coal stockpiles, rail car capping, or on any site with disturbed and/or open areas where airborne dust is a challenge.

>>Read more about our demonstrations and results. For assistance with your dust mitigation, contact us.


Underground Mine Dust

After the Massey Energy tragedy in where 29 miners were killed in an explosion at West Virginia's Upper Big Branch Mine, it was ruled that underground mines need to do more to control coal dust. Inadequate rock dust control can increase the potential for explosions. NanoQuantics' DUST SENTINEL product is a green, sustainable solution to suppress mine dust in underground mines.

Additionally, NanoQuantics' solutions for the coal industry include rapid revegetation, erosion control, berm/road stability and heavy metal abatement.

>>Read more about our demonstrations and results.

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