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Results in Mining, Quarry & Construction

Rock Dust requirements and new regulations for underground air quality present challenges
for maintaining air quality and ventilation needs, while minimizing airborne dust in the
underground mine environment. NanoQuantics' water-based, sustainable biopolymer, DUST SENTINEL™, stabilizes rock dust, binding the materials so that they will adhere to surfaces and obtain water longer.

Fugitive dust from unpaved haul roads at mining and construction sites can be costly in the water and fuel used to treat the problem . It is also costly in the fines you will pay if charged with non-compliance if you do not treat the dust problem. Aside from water, there are a variety of other soil stabilizing chemicals and materials that are being used for dust abatement. These include petroleum-based products, such as polyacrylamide and polyvinyl-acetate polymers, fresh and saltwater salts and brines.

Petroleum-based polymer solutions increase the demand on foreign oil and pose potential health and environmental risks. Salts and brines, though they are natural, have corrosive properties and can cause severe vehicle maintenance issues. Additionally, salts can cause harm to trees and other vegetation.

NanoQuantics' offers dust control and soil stabilizing products that work safely and effectively by changing the physical properties of the soil with an all-natural additive that is beneficial to the environment. Our sustainable DUST SENTINEL products leave no-carbon foot print and can decrease operation costs and health hazards.

DUST SENTINEL Shows Successes on Haul Roads

NanoQuantics performed a dust abatement demonstration with a local Industrial Development Authority and their contractor on a construction project that involved the transport of coal spoil. Dust from site activities had become a source of complaints from the tenants of the technology park and a neighboring school. The standard procedure used by the excavating contractor involved the application of water using a standard water truck with a typical commercial spray attachment. Two hours post-treatment of water being applied, the road would return to its original dry condition and wind blown dust reappeared (as noted in photo below, left). Continuing to use the water as a dust abatement solution meant reapplication was necessary throughout the work day.

dust abatement haul road

NanoQuantics' applied its biobased dust abatement solution to the haul road using a water spray application. The biopolymer was applied and then mixed into the sub-surface using a typical back-drag technique with a medium-sized bulldozer. The application time, rate, and equipment used to apply the product were identical to that of the water application. Seven hours after the NanoQuantics' product was applied, the site still showed remarkable results (as seen in photo above, right). Though the length of results may vary dependent on soil type and weather conditions, the DUST SENTINEL solution is impressive and cost effective.


DUST SENTINEL for Stockpiles and Coal Rail Cars

Stabilizing coal and its particulates while in transport is also a financial and environmental concern. To keep coal in place and dust in compliance apply NanoQuantics' all-natural biopolymer as a capping and crusting agent. DUST SENTINEL is water-based and uses renewable materials.

Soil sediment, debris, chemicals, heavy metals and other pollutants can move down slopes, such as coal stock piles, through water run-off. Windblown particles can also find their way into surface and groundwater supplies. Applying NanoQuantics' DUST SENTINEL to cap stock piles stabilizes the surface and keeps contaminates from neighboring soils, and streams.

coal stockpile crusting agent

In a lab demonstration, NanoQuantics simulated four separate equal volume rain events within a 15-minute period on coal stockpiles with and without DUST SENTINEL capping agent. As shown in the above photo, the test showed that NanoQuantics' biopolymer drastically reduced the rain erosion.

Successes in Revegetation on Former Coal Mine Sites

NanoQuantics' SOIL SENTINEL® soil amendment is also an excellent source to aid in hydro-seeding, particularly at reclaimed coal mine sites and sloped construction sites where it is often difficult to reproduce quality ground cover.

At a coal site in South Western Virginia, NanoQuantics' green, biobased product, SOIL SENTINEL was used to compare to a standard water-only application on a hydro-seeding project. NanoQuantics product was used as part of the normal seeding process and was simply added to the water used in hydro-seeding. The demonstration site was evaluated over an eight week period. The mine site area that was treated with NanoQuantics' product displayed thicker ground coverage and had more plant height than the untreated area. Also, the clover in the seed mix had much larger leaves, was taller, and showed denser ground presence than the untreated site.

Mine Reclamation

Samples were taken from the hydro-seeding test plots and brought into the NanoQuantics' lab for further evaluation. The roots on the treated grass samples were very white, showing an extremely healthy root system and root nodules were abundant and visible which showed nitrogen fixation. When nitrogen is not available, plants stop growing. Grass blade height on average in the treated area was 11 inches as compared to the 6.5 inches of the untreated samples. This demonstration showed that NanoQuantics' all-natural solution helps to restore nutrients and fertility to the soil.

Enhanced Hydroseeding

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